HerStyle Media is a platform created to inspire women all over the world. We are aiming to be the #1 global publication, not only for women in business, but also for girls aspiring to be entrepreneurs. We live by the true “Hustler In Heels” spirit, and strive to build an environment where girls and women alike can read about other women who are working to turn their dreams into a reality. HerStyle Media provides insight on the fashion industry, beauty news, celebrity gossip, health + fitness, and more! Along with keeping our readers up-to-date with the latest news, we provide a spotlight feature each month, highlighting a “shepreneur” who is striving to be the greatest in her field.
After re-launching October 2014, HerStyle Media is bringing you more than a social platform; we’re bringing you a media outlet customized to your preference! Not only are you able to subscribe to our weekly stories, but you are also able to subscribe to certain topics that intrigue your interest. We know that being a woman in our society can be difficult at times, so here we are making sure women receive the recognition they deserve.

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